• 31 May 2021

The Modern Art of Giving

Have you ever wondered to gift a beloved something that could be of real users rather than it being simply fancy? Have you ever thought of giving meaning to your gift which would be cherished by your loved ones because it touched their heartstrings?

With the fact that over 50% of recipients not liking the gifts they receive, imagine your dear ones coming back to you with a good deal of joyful things to say about the shopping experience they had, thanks to your gift voucher, which offers no limitations, unlike others.

Generally, that would be all that you would ask for as a gift that could give you value and happiness because whenever you have gifted a gift voucher you would either regret it not being from your favorite store or you would end up buying a bunch of things that would not fit your needs at all!

But ladies and gentlemen, Gifter, endeavors to offer you an opportunity to experience a new wave of giving. The motto is “Life is giving”, our website is based not only on gifting with meaning but also on giving the perfect gifts that are useful, surprisingly through our gift vouchers from Gifter.

The pleasure of giving comes from a place that’s filled with kindness and love. Giving is a form of expressing our feelings to someone that we deeply care for, or an act which is solely encouraged by compassion. The true happiness of gifting relies on the delight and sparks that will be glistening in the eyes of the receiver.

Well, we have innovated a platform for you to give importance to the emotions and needs of those who are dear to you. With the fast pacing modern civilization that we live in, lives are complicated, and sometimes what we imagine to be the best for the ones around us wouldn’t be reciprocated with the same level of energy by them.

Therefore, why don’t you take a step beyond the conventional gift voucher and let your loved ones have a convenient shopping experience with a modern glimpse?

That is to say that with the gift voucher from Gifter they are able to shop online or out their doors from any store that has a partnership with the website. Not only they would not be buying for the sake of spending the gift vouchers from Gifter, but they would also be able to save the remaining value of the voucher for the next round of shopping! As the universe says, the happiest beings are not takers, but givers.

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